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I am a

Olaniyan Abdul-Gafar

Ceo and Founder, Lagmall Inc; A growing E-com website for Clothing and Accessories, Online ticketing and Event management. Loves Content marketing, Marketing stunts (both online and offline). UI Design and Mobile Responsive is my watchword.

  • Dept of Architecture, Unilag, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos..
  • +234 815 388 5882, +234 814 684 7324
  • gafarlaniyan@gmail.com
  • www.olaniyanabdulgafar.com

My Skills

The level of expertise shown in each skill is as a result of client's reviews and peer rcommendations. Some other skills not listed are SEO optimization, Affiliate marketing management, and Graphics design. All of which are not my major but I can work in those areas.

Web Design 80%
Content Marketing 70%
Blogging 55%
Digital Marketing 70%

Awesome features

I love adding the best and only the best feautures to your website based on budget and needs..

Animated elements

I'm a big fan of web interactivity, so i love using animated elements as it helps keep users more on your website. Thereby increasing time spent and website ranks.

Responsive Design

All of my websites are user and web-responsive, works well on any device without problems. You don't need to create a mobile website seperately

SEO Optimization

I love search traffic, who doesn't. You probably found mine through google so all my websites are seo-optimized.

Content Marketing

Combining knowledge of digital marketing and blogging, you can be sure to find the best content marketing strategies when you work with me .

Fast support

Trust me, when your website runs into the smallest of problems.You are free to call me. I always respond

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Current projects
  • Memoirs Of Haybie

    So sometime in June / July. A very good friend of mine Abiola Aremo

    He is into poetry and all of these written materials , so i helped him create a Personal blog using blogger to enable him reach out to a wider audience..

    The URL of the blog is http://www.memoirsofhaybie.com.ng

    Feel free to read and enjoy!!!!!

  • Lagmall Inc

    Lagmall Inc

    My very first business.
    Lagmall's Logo

    This is the beginning of it all, my journey into the Internet marketing world. I started with affiliate marketing as most people do and then I learnt something.
    No one would employ you as an Internet Marketer unless you actually really know the person, best advice; start your own business, when it booms they'll want to know the brain behind the brand.
    With that  in mind, I startedlearning HTML, CSS, Javascript and all others so i could build my first website.

    I built and rebuilt my website three times.

    First Look
    This below is the first look. This is exactly how it looked like on mobile after close to 3 months of training and learning. This was done and an Instagram Influencer ad was done to announce it's arrival to the market.
    Lagmall's first ever look on mobile

    Th Instagram Influencer ad was done on October 4th using @9jacampus so with that done I knew how good my design was and what else needed to be changed.

    Two to three months after around December, I embarked on another journey to re-design and uplift the style of the website.The new primary feature of this upgrade was the inclusion of brands where customers could shop by brands. 

    Brands Selling on Lagmall

    Second Look
    So, on Dec 19th, I put out word that the website has been upgraded and with the new feature of whatsapp status updates back then. I began to spread the word about the new website look.
    See below:-

    Lagmall Look on Mobile as at December 2017

    Also, it had a new feature where you could compare products with all of it's features and prices
    Sadly i don't have a picture which can show that in this post. But I'll show all i have from then.
    Shop By Brands on Lagmall

    Lagmall's look as at December on Tablet

    Final Look
    It's a new year 2018 and I'm already considering upgrading to a newer look, my only problem with all my designs and look was I just couldn't get the sliders right...?
    I was so pissed!!!.. I started working and all.
    Then.. boom!!! It came
    March 8th, 2018, I was through and ready to unveil myself to the whole world, most of my friends said I finally made it. I was so happy.
    This last upgrade to the website's look is the present one you see there right now....!!!

    Lagmall's look on mobile up until now.

    The snapshot below is one taken minutes before drafting this particular blog post.

    Lagmall Online Ticketing

    I hope it was an enjoyable read, my contact details are all over the website but still i'll drop them if you think we can work together sometime.

    Yours truly, 
  • Welcome to My Website

    If you are seeing this.
    You probably looked up my name on the Internet and found this website.
    You might likewise be in search for a web designer/marketer.

    I want to use this opportunity to say a very Big Welcome to My World. Even if we don't get to do business together. I'll love you to keep checking on my little blog now and then as i would be keeping it updated with relevant information on web design, marketing and other related infos.

    You can contact me through :
    a. my mail @ gafarlaniyan@gmail.com
    b. Call me on +234-814-684-7324.
    c. Drop a Whatsapp message @ +234-815-388-5882.

    I'll be waiting for that message. I can't wait for us to kick-start that website of yours.

    Yours truly,
    Olaniyan Abdul-Gafar.


    Contact me, Let's discuss on how to make create that amazing website, re-design your website or let the world know about your business. Just let me know what you want.


    Dept Of Architecture, Unilag, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos




    +234 815 388 5882,
    +234 814 684 7324